Other Calls and Conferences Information

The IACMR website shares call for papers and conference information with other academic communities in the research context. Email to us at iacmr@asu.edu with details about your conferences or workshops. It will be posted if it fits to our community interest.

  Conferences and Workshops
Sept 15, 2014 Feb.26-28, 2015 Call for submissions
Cracking the U.S. Market: Opportunities and Threats for Chinese Multinationals
Sept 1, 2014 Call for papers
Bridging Theories and Practices: Human Resource Management in China
Oct 1, 2014 Chinese Conflict Management
Special issue call for papers from International Journal of Conflict Management
Aug 1, 2014 2014 International Management Division Teaching Committee’s PDW 
(Faculty members only)
Mar 31, 2014 June 23-24, 2014 2014 Frontiers of Business Research in China
International Symposium On Business Administration in the Changing Environment
Dec 15, 2013 June 15-16, 2014 The First HR Division International Conference
The Human Resources Division
N/A June 15, 2014 Special Issue: Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Developing Country Multinationals
Business Ethics Quarterly
Oct. 1, 2013 Aug 1-4, 2014 2014 Western Decision Sciences Institute Forty Three Annual Meeting
Dec 1, 2013 Dec. 7-8, 2013 2013 SYSBS International Management Symposium
Sept. 26-Oct. 1, 2013 SMS Extension Workshops, Atlanta
Jan 15, 2013 Aug 11, 2013 The Inaugural Teaching Conference of the Academy of Management
May 20, 2013 June 9, 2013 2013 SYSBS Method Workshop
Dec 31, 2012 July 12-15, 2013 Xi’an 2013 INSNA Conference-Call for papers
July 30/Aug 30, 2012 Oct. 27-28, 2012 The 2nd China Labor Science Doctoral Forum-Call for papers
School of Labor and Human Resources, Renmin University
Oct. 10, 2012 Nov. 10-11, 2012

The 8th International Conference on Entrepreneurship and Family Business
Sun Yat-sen Buiness School

June 1, 2012 Dec. 14-16, 2012 SMS Special Conference
Sun Yat-sen Business School
N/A April 26-27, 2012 Third Annual Strategy Symposium on Emerging Markets
Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University
Jan 15, 2012 N/A 2012 Competitive Resaerch Grants for Empirical Resaerch on Cultural Intelligence
CIRCQL, Nanyang Technological University
Nov 30, 2011 May 23-24, 2012 Wise Management in Organisational Complexity  (Chinese version)
Centre for Leadership and Responsibility
Oct 15, 2011 Mar 20-22, 2012 The Second Conference of the International Network of business and Management Journals (and more)
N/A Dec 17-18, 2011 Frontier Issues in Entrepreneurship, Strategy and International Business  (Chinese version)
Sun Yat-Sen Business School (SYSBS), Sun Yat-Sen University
Oct 1, 2011 N/A Ambiguity and Decision Making in Chinese Organizations
Mie Augier and James G. March
Aug 1, 2011 Nov 24-25, 2011 Management Innovation: A Journey into the Core of Resaerch in Management
Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam
N/A Aug 14, 2011 When West Meets East: Challenges and Adjustment Issues for Asian Members of the Academy
Academy of Management Annual Conference
Aug 1, 2011 Sep 15-17, 2011 8th Annual World Congress
Academy for Global Business Advancement
Dec 15, 2011 N/A Special Issue on Chinese Investments in Africa
Journal of African Business
N/A June 19, 2011 Meta Analysis Workshop (Schedule)
Sun Yat-sen Business School
Jan 30, 2011 May 20-21, 2011 International Conference on “The Cognition and Decision of Public Administration in China”
Sun Yat-sen University
N/A July 28-31, 2011 The 9th Biennial Conference of the Asian Association of Social Psycholog
Asian Association of Social Psychology
N/A Apr 28-29, 2011 Strategic Symposium on Emerging Markets in Rice University (Apr 28-29, 2011)
Rice University
July 31, 2010 Dec 16-17, 2010 Global Strategy Conference: Leveraging Megatrends for Global Advantage
Center for Global Communications (GLOCOM), International University of Japan
Feb 28, 2011 N/A Special Issue on Talent Management in the Asia-Pacifi
Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources
Jan 1, 2011 N/A Reinventing Retirement: New pathways, new arrangements, new meaning
Human Relations Special Issue
Oct 1, 2010 N/A Innovations in India
Technological Forecasting & Social Change
June 30, 2010 N/A 100 Elite Chinese Returnees in Entrepreneurship
Book for Emerald Group Publishing
June 15, 2010 Feb 15-18, 2011 ‘Exploring Leadership & Learning Theories in Asia’ (ELLTA) Conference submission deadline extended
Asia-Europe Institute, University of Malaya
June 1, 2010 N/A Call for Book Chapters
Chinese International Investments
May 31, 2010 Sept 22-24, 2010 4th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany
May 1, 2010 Oct 6-8, 2010 4th China Goes Global Conferenc
Harvard University, Cambridge
Apr 30, 2010 June 24, 2010 The International Forum on Chinese Management Research: Indigenous Research toward Geocentric Integration
Lanzhou University, Copenhagen Business School
Apr 26, 2010 June 18-19, 2010 Practical Wisdom for Management from the Chinese Classical Traditions
Euro-China Center for Leadership and Responsibility, CEIBS
Mar 31, 2010 June 26, 2010 Seventh Annual JIBS Paper Development Workshop Academy of International Business Annual Meetings
Journal of International Business Studies
Mar 1, 2010 Aug 6-7, 2010 The Sixth Annual Meeting of the Chinese Hayek Society
Chinese Hayek Society
N/A Apr 30, 2010 Strategy Symposium on Emerging Markets
Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice University
Sept 30, 2009 Dec 18-20, 2009 8th International Symposium on Empirical Accounting Research in Chin
University of International Business and Economics (UIBE)
N/A Oct 15-18, 2009 International Marketing in or by Firms from Emerging Market Economies: Theoretical and Empirical Contribution
Aug 21, 2009 Jan 13-15, 2010 IEFRA@CHINA 2010 Family Business Forum Opportunities and Challenges of Family Busines
Aug 15, 2009 N/A Strategic Management in Higher Education
International Journal of Environment in Education - Special Issue
June 30, 2009 N/A Emerging Markets
International Journal of Technology and Globolisation - Special Issue
Jun 30, 2009 N/A Business Environment & Emerging Markets
International Journal of Business Environment - Special Issue
May 20, 2009 July 16-18, 2009 Annual Conference of the Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Chinese)
Tsinghua University
May 15, 2009 Sept 30-Oct 2, 2009 3rd China Goes Global Conference
Harvard University
May 15, 2009 Aug 15, 2009 Pathways for Chinese Globolization
Multinational Business Review
May 1, 2009 June 15, 2009 Negotiation Teaching Workshop
International Association of Conflict Management
(Registration Form) (Schedule)
May 1, 2009 Oct 16-18, 2009 51st Annual Conference at Rollins College
American Association for Chinse Studies
April 15, 2009 N/A New Marketing Opportunities and Innovations in Asia-Pacific
Journal of Asia-Pacific Business
Mar 31, 2009 N/A Call for Contributions: A Guide to Top 100 Companies in Chin
Professors Wenxian Zhang and Ilan Alon of Rollins College
Mar 15, 2009 N/A Pathways for Chinese Globalization
Multinational Business Review
Mar 9, 2009 Aug 7-9, 2009 Leading to Global Frontiers
International Conference on Accounting, Business, Leadership and Information Management
Feb 15, 2009 May 12-13, 2009 Competition or Cooperation: East vs. West
MacEwan School of Business, Edmonton, Canada
N/A Feb 12, 2009 Strategic Positioning in a New World Economic Order: Asia-Pacific and Global Competitiveness
UI-HKU Global Business Forum
Dec 31, 2008 N/A Walking New Avenues in Management Research Methods and Theories:
Bridging Micro and Macro Domains

Journal of Management - Special Issue
Dec 15, 2008 April 16-17, 2009 Sustainable Industrial Development in China: Competitiveness Buildup and Environmental Challenges

School of Management, Fudan University, Shanghai, CHINA
Dec 15, 2008 N/A Cross-Border Acquisitions: Chinese Firms as Buyers or Targets
International Studies of Management and Organization - Special Issue
Nov 30, 2008 N/A Multinationals & Emerging Markets
Multinational Business Review - Special Issue
June 01, 2008 Oct 09-10, 2008 The Globalization of Chinese Enterprises: Transformational Politics, Business Strategies, and Future Paths
Harvard University, Rollins College, Georgia Institute of Technology