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Table of Contents
"Negative Externalities of Close Guanxi within Organizations" Asia Pacific Journal of Management
Chao C. Chen, Xiao-Ping Chen (2008)
"Hong Kong Disneyland" 9B07M013 in Ivey Publishing
Michael N. Young, Donald Liu (2007)


Table of Contents
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Capitalism from Below: Markets and Institutional Change in China
Victor Nee, Cornell University and Sonja Opper, University of Tuebingen (2012)
Biographical Dictionary of New Chinese Entrepreneurs and Leaders
Wenxian Zhang, Rollins College and Ilan Alon, Rollins College (2009)
Theoretical Developments and Future Research in Family Business
Phillip Phan, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and John E. Butler, University of Hawaii at Manoa (2008)
Leadership and Management in China - Philosophies, Theories, and Practices
Chao-Chuan Chen, Rutgers University, New Jersey; Yueh-Ting Lee, University of Toledo, Ohio (2008)
Management Control of Multinational Enterprises in China
Neale O'Connor, McGraw Hill Education
Selling China: Foreign Direct Investment During the Reform Era
Yasheng Huang, William Kirby, Cambridge University Press (2003)
The Chinese Century
Oded Shenkar, Wharton Publishing (2004)
Organization and Management in the Embrace of Government
Jone L. Pearce, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates (2001)
Chinese version of Organizational Behavior "?????" Posts and Telecom Press (ISBN# 7-115-11533-8/F.460)
Fred Luthans (5 Nov 2003)
Chinese Economic Transition and International Marketing Strategy CT: Greenwood Publishing. (ISBN # 1-5672-0587-9)
Ilan Alon (9 July 2003)
Chinese Culture, Organizational Behavior, and International Business Management CT: Greenwood Publishing. (ISBN # 1-5672-0546-1)
Ilan Alon (24 Feb, 2003)
Ivey Cases in Asia - The Changing Face of Management Education in Taiwan
University of Western Ontario (3 Oct, 2002)
The Management of Enterprises in the People's Republic of China
Anne S Tsui and Chung-Ming Lau
INSIDE CHINESE BUSINESS - A Guide for Managers Worldwide
Dr. Ming-Jer Chen

[Other Publications]

Corporate Transformation in the People's Republic of China: Implications for Management in Private, State-Owned and Foreign Organizations
Organization Science - Special Issue on China
Guest Editors: Anne S Tsui, Claudia Bird Schoonhoven, Marshall W Meyer, Chung-Ming Lau and George T Milkovich

  Table of Contents
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Organizational and Management in the Midst of Societal Transformation: The People's Republic of China
Anne S Tsui, ASU/HKUST/PKU; Claudia Bird Schoonhoven, University of California; Marshall W Meyer, University of Pennsylvania; Chung-Ming Lau, Chinese University of Hong Kong; George T Milkovich, Cornell University
Capital Structure in Transition: The Transformation of Financial Strategies in China's Emerging Economy
Lisa Keister, The Ohio State University
Entrepreneurs' Access to Private Equity in China: The Role of Social Capital
Bat Batjargal, Harvard/ Peking University; Mannie M. Liu, Renimin University of China
The Institutional and Effects on Strategic Alliance Partner Selection In Transition Economies: China Versus Russia
Michael A. Hitt, Texas A&M University; David Ahlstrom, Chinese University of Hong Kong; M Tina Dacin, Queen's University; Edward Levitas, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Lilia Svobodina, St Petersburg University of Economics & Finance
Chinese Organizations in Transition: Changing Promotion Patterns in the Reform Era
Wei Zhou, Duke University; Xueguang Zhou, HKUST
Guanxi Practices and Trust in Management: A Procedural Justice Perspective
Chao C.Chen, Rutgers University; Ya-Ru Chen, NYU; Katherine R Xin, HKUST/CEIBS
Generation Cohorts and Personal Values: A Comparison of China and the US
Carolyn P. Egri, Simon Fraser University; David A Ralston, University of Oklahoma
Rewards Allocation Preferences of Chinese Employees in the New Millennium: The Effects of Ownership Reform, Collectivism, and Goal Priority
Wei He, Indiana State University; Chao C. Chen, Rutgers-NYU; Lihua Zhang, Dalian University of Technology
Employment Relationships in China: Do Workers Relate to the Organization or to People?
Chun Hui, Chinese University of Hong Kong; Cynthia Lee, Northwestern University; Denise M. Rousseau, Carnegie Mellon University
Organizational Citizenship Behavior in the People's Republic of China
Jiing-Lih Farh, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; Chen-Bo Zhong, Northwestern University; Dennis W. Organ, Indiana University

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