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Muayyad Jabri: Rethinking Organizational Change

IACMR member, Professor Muayyad Jabri has just published his new book entitled Rethinking Organizational Change: The Role of Dialogue, Dialectic & Polyphony,Routledge (ISBN 9781315713045).


Rethinking Organizational Change: The Role of Dialogue, Dialectic & Polyphony in the Organization makes an important scholarly contribution to our understanding of dialogue applied to the management of change. Muayyad Jabri offers an involved assessment of the differences between 'dialogu e' and 'dialectic' and an intriguing invitation to rely on both for managing creative interventions into the change process.

The book provides a surplus of new insights that will help to promote scholarly work in the area of managing change and to develop a more creative practice associated with the processes of managing change. The call for polyphony facilitates a crossover from sameness to diversity and from univocal to multivocal representations. In reading patterns of managing change, whether from within or across organizational borders, it is found that a vital part of the reading is, at present, 'unreadable' because we lack involved knowledge of how diversity and polyphony are interrelated. This book seeks to change this; based on a rendition of Mikhail Bakhtin's anthropological concept of polyphony applied to organizational change. The reader is treated to a cutting-edge discussion of a variety of contemporary ontological and epistemological themes centered on process, dialectic, dialogue and social construction.


"Muayyad Jabri has written an interesting and important review which explores polyphony as a significant concept in the generation and understanding of meaning in everyday converse. Students and practicing managers alike will find this a fascinating and insightful read." – Julian Randall, University of Aberdeen, UK

"This is a must-read for those in the field of change management that want to develop a relational dialogue approach. Rethinking Organizational Change is well written and can help scholars and managers alike." - David Boje, New Mexico State University, USA

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