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This year's post Conference tours will be organized by the Jiangsu China Travel Service Co., Ltd. Please view the followings for the itineraries of each trip and make the reservation if you are interested in any of them. The travel agency will be solely responsible for the arrangements and they will contact you for confirmations. 

A. Traveling Yellow Mountain-Hangzhou-Shanghai (4 days, June 18-21)

B. Traveling Nanjing (One-Day Tour, June 18)

C. Traveling Suzhou-Hangzhou-Shanghai (4 days, June 18-21)

D. Traveling Suzhou-Shanghai (3 days, June 18-20)

E. Traveling Hangzhou-Shanghai (3 days, June 19-21)

Please contact Miss Xiong Nue directly if you have any questions regarding the tours.


Information about tours in Beijing organized by the Academy of International Business Meeting. Click here for more details.