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Call for Proposals

The submission deadline is over. Thank you for your interest.

Many IACMR members desire to have more informal gatherings of groups for good conversation and collaboration on research and professionals issues. For example, if you are working on issues such as entrepreneurship and new technology ventures in China, you want to know who else (e.g., either from mainland China, Hong Kong, U.S., or other countries/regions) are interested in this topic. You would like to have a conversation with them and to know: a) who is doing what, b) what are the commonly interested issues, c) whether there are any potential opportunities for collaborations, etc.

If that is the situation, how can the IACMR conference help you?

The IACMR 2006 conference in Nanjing is trying something new! On June 18 (the last day of the conference), we will schedule a session for caucuses. Caucuses are roundtable discussions which are designed to provide a convenient, informal way for IACMR members who share a topical interest or a professional concern to find one another and to develop a sense of community. Caucuses can help you explore new ideas as well as expand your academic network in an informal, relaxed environment.

If you are interested in organizing a caucus for the IACMR 2006 conference, please send a proposal to Haiyang Li, Rice University by email ( or fax (1-713-348-6331). The deadline for submission is April 1, 2006.

The proposal can be either in English or in Chinese with the following items included:


1)  Title of the caucus

2)  Organizer's full name and contact information

3)  A brief description of the caucus (250 words max.)

4)  Commitments from at least three other members to participate in caucus  (e-mailed commitments pasted into caucus proposal are OK)