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The 2006 IACMR Conference


You are invited to participate in the Second IACMR biennial Conference to be held in Nanjing, People's Republic of China, on June 15-18, 2006. IACMR, the International Association for Chinese Management Research, is a professional, academic organization dedicated to serving scholars, students, managers, and consultants who are interested in advancing knowledge about the management of organizations operating in the Chinese context. The primary goal of the organization is to promote scholarly studies of the organization and management of firms in the Chinese context.

The theme of the Conference is "Knowledge Creation in a Transitional Economy". As China plays an increasingly important role in the world economy, the need to understand, explain, and guide the operations and practices of Chinese management becomes more and more urgent. The Conference's goal is to provide a forum for scholars from around the world to present and be exposed to the latest research related to management in the Chinese context. The theme of "Knowledge Creation in a Transitional Economy" should provide a broad scope for a variety of research that would contribute to the increasingly important knowledge on organizations and management in the Chinese context.