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For overall conference information

Vice President and 2008 Conference Chair: Prof. Jia Lin Xie - Xiejl.IACMR08@Rotman.Utoronto.CA

For the regular English Program

Conference Program Overall Chair - Prof. Jia Lin Xie - Xiejl.IACMR08@Rotman.Utoronto.CA
Conference Program Marro Papers Track Chair - Prof. Justin Tan -

For the China Forum

China Forum Chair - Prof. Yichi Zhang -
China Forum Co-Chair - Prof. Jing Zhou -

Local Arrangements Committee

Chair - Prof. and Dean Xinchun Li -
Chief Coordinator - Prof. Renhong Zhu -

Membership Service or Information

Christine You -

Questions About IACMR

IACMR President - Prof. Xiao-ping Chen -

General information about the IACMR may be found on the website: