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2004 Conference

Congratulations to a very successful Inaugural Conference attended by over 450 participants, from 21 countries and over 170 universities. Thanks to all the participants, to the academic and corporate sponsors, and the Local Arrangements Committee for a great Inaugural Conference. 

Click here for the Report on the Inaugural Conference (In Chinese)

The 2004 IACMR Inaugural Conference

"Mapping the Territory for Chinese Management Research"

June 17-20, 2004
Beijing Hotel, Beijing, PRC
33 East Chang An Avenue
Tel: 8610-6513-7766 Fax: 8610-6523-2393

You could register on site. Come to our Conference venue and join us at this exciting meeting. Click here for more information on registration.

Letters to Conference participants "Inaugural Conference Welcome and News", sent on May 20, 2004

I. Pre-Conference Program, June 16, 2004 VIII. Registrations Forms - Conference, Company Visits, PDWs, Hotel, Student Grant

II. Conference Program Overview

IX. Student Grant Applications - List of Grant Recipients
III. Conference Program, 17th to 20th June 2004 X. Conference Papers Reviewers
IV. Post Conference Activities, 21st and 22nd June 2004 (Optional) XI. Important Dates
V. Alphabetical list of Conference participants

XII. Welcome to Beijing! (Information about Visa, Currency, Climate, etc)

VI. Country Breakdown of Conference Participants XIII. Publishers Message
VII. Confirmed Registrations

XIV. Conference Program Committee & Sponsors


"Mapping the Territory for Chinese Management Research" 
please click here to view the First Call for Papers

"Doing Chinese Management Research: The Methodological Challenges"
please click here to view the Second Call for Papers






I. Pre-Conference Program, June 16, 2004 (Wednesday)





1. Conference Registration and Information: 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. (Lobby of Building A)

2. Blackwell Reception: 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. (Room A, B, C, 1st Floor, Building E)


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II. Conference Program Overview



Please click here for the program overview. 

Download the finalized program in pdf format


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III. Conference Program



Day 1 - June 17, 2004 (Papers, Panels and Posters)

Day 2 - June 18, 2004 (Papers, Panels and Company Visits)

Day 3 - June 19, 2004 (Papers, Panels and Posters)

Day 4 - June 20, 2004 (Professional Development Workshops)

Download the finalized program in pdf format


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IV. Post Conference Activities (Optional)

June 21 -
Visit to Institute of Taiwan Studies at
Tsinghua University

June 20 & 21 - Local Tour     
click here for introduction of the tour scenic spots 

June 20 - Beijing City Highlights

June 21 - Great Wall and Summer Palace

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V. Alphabetic List of Conference Participants




Please click here for the list of conference participants (Authors/Discussants/Chairs/Panelists) by alphabetical order of their last names 

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VI. Country Breakdown of Conference Participants



Please click here for a table showing the countries/regions and the number of participants (Authors/Discussants/Chairs/Panelists) in this Conference. We have a total of 21 countries/regions and 264 participants as at March 2004.


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VII. Confirmed Registrations



If you have submitted a conference registration form, you can check here anytime on your registration status. If you have any questions, please contact Miss Winee Wu.

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VIII. Registration Forms



a. Conference Registration 

I. For members outside PRC

II. For PRC members

**The conference registration fees includes membership dues for 2003 & 04. If you have already paid the membership fees, you will be charged US$20 (or RMB160 for PRC regular members and RMB100 for student members) less when you register for the conference**

b. Company Visit (*Admittance to the company visit is available to conference registrants ONLY. Please make sure you have done the conference registration before registering in the company visit)

c. Professional Development Workshops  

The registration for Professional Development Workshops is closed.

d. Hotel Registration 

I. For non-PRC registrants

Beijing Hotel website

II. For PRC registrants 

Beijing Cui Ming Zhuang Hotel website
Chinese version

Please cancel your reservations with Shangri-La if you have made one with them earlier. We apologize for any inconvenience that may have caused you.



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X. Conference Papers Reviewers

We wish to thank 70 reviewers for their contribution to the conference by their diligent and timely review of submissions as well as offering constructive comments to authors. Please click here for the full list of reviewers.


XI. Important Dates

Dates Event
April 30, 2004 Deadline for registration for PDWs 
May 1, 2004 Deadline for registration for Company Visit
May 15, 2004 Deadline for hotel reservation
May 16, 2004 Deadline for Conference registration cancellation
June 16, 2004 Pre-Conference Program
June 17-20, 2004 Conference
June 21-22, 2004 Post Conference Program

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XII. Welcome to Beijing!

Below is some practical information which you may find useful for your trip to Beijing this June. For more information and further inquiries, please contact Miss Winee Wu

1) Climate
Mid June in Beijing is fairy hot, dry and clear. The average temperature is about 28-300C (84-88F) at the maximum and 18-200C (66-70F) at minimum. Usually shirts or at most a jacket will do very well. A raincoat or umbrella is advised. Most places for the conference activities as well as the hotel are air-conditioned.

2) Currency
Chinese currency is the yuan (RMB). The current exchange rate is about 8.30 yuan to one US dollar. There are 20 kinds of currencies which can be exchanged in the banks, some main hotels and the Convention Center, including: British, Canadian, Dutch, German, Swiss, Belgian, French, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Austrian, Japanese, Singapore, Australian, Finish, Malaysian, U.S. Hongkong and Macau.

The currencies of U.S., Britain, Japan, Hongkong, Germany, France can be exchanged in almost all hotels as well as the banks and Convention Center.

The world wide-accepted credit cards, e.g. Visa, Master Card, American Express and JCB can be used in the main hotels and Convention Center, while the traveler's checks issued by American, Japanese, European and Hongkong banks are accepted. The check from the Bank of China is the most convenience when you are in China.

3) Electrical Supply
220V, 50Hz.

4) Conference Venue
The Conference is going to take place in the 5-star historic Beijing Hotel, Beijing, PRC. It is located in downtown Beijing, near the shopping-center Wangfujing Street and Chang An Avenue. It is just 30km to airport and 2km to railway station.

5) Visa
Pease be reminded that you need a visa to enter China. We have consulted with the Chinese consulate officials.  A tourist visa is all you need. Also, you need to go to the Consulate in person to apply unless you are using a travel agent which is authorized to apply a visa on your behalf. If you do not have a visa, you should do so IMMEDIATELY. For more information about visa and passport, please click here.


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XIII. Publishers Message


Publishers who wish to display books and materials at the IACMR conference should contact the Publisher Coordinator: Miss Christine You at Peking University.


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For any questions about the conference program , please contact the IACMR coordinator, Miss Winee Wu





IACMR Inaugural Conference Program Committee (in alphabetical order)

Xiao Ping Chen, University of Washington (Program Chair)
Weiying Zhang, Peking University (Program Co-Chair)
Yanjie Bian, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Joseph Cheng, University of Illinois
Tailan Chi, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Jian Han, Cornell University
Christopher Hsee, University of Chicago
Fanmin Kong, Peking University
David Lamond, University of Western Sydney
Mingfang Li, California State University-Northridge
Jar Der Luo, Yuan-Ze University
James Meindl, State University of New York, Buffalo
Michael Nippa, Freiberg University of Technology and Management
Anne S. Tsui, Arizona State University/HKUST
Mary Ann Von Glinow, Florida International University
Zhixing Xiao, INSEAD 
Erming Xu, Renmin University
Ming Zeng, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business 
Xiangquan Zeng, Renmin University
Chunjun Zhao, Tsinghua University
Jing Zhou, Rice University
Xueguang Zhou, HKUST

Please contact our Program Chair, Prof. Xiao Ping Chen, for questions, suggestions, or to volunteer.


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IACMR Inaugural Conference Local Arrangements Committee

Weiying Zhang, Peking University (Chair)
Fanmin Kong, Peking University
Chaoping Li, Renmin University
June Qiao, Peking University
Qing Qu, Tsinghua University
Wei Shi, Renmin University
James Sun, Renmin University
Xiujun You, Peking University
Wei Zhang, Tsinghua University
Xichao Zhang, Beijing Normal University
Yichi Zhang, Peking University


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We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the following hosts and sponsors for their generous support to the Conference.

Local Hosts:

Peking University
Renmin University of China
Tsinghua University

Academic Sponsors:

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
National Natural Science Foundation of China
Peking University
Renmin University of China
Tsinghua University


Corporate Sponsors:

Legend Group Limited
China Resources Enterprises, Limited
UFsoft Company Limited


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