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Amy Y, Ou, National University of Singapore




她的研究方向包括战略领导力,组织文化和跨文化组织行为。她的研究成果发表于Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of Applied Psychology,  Journal of Management她的博士论文探讨谦卑的总裁,获得2010年中国管理研究国际学会李宁论文奖一等奖及由美国管理学会领导力学者网络和佛罗里达国际大学领导力中心联合颁发的2013Alvah H. Chapman Jr.杰出博士论文奖, 并入选2012年美国管理学会年会最佳论文摘要。


Ou, A. Y., Tsui, A. S, Kinicki, A., Waldman, D. Song, L. J., & Xiao, Z.X. 2013. Understanding humble chief executive officers: Connections to top management team integration and middle manager responses. Administrative Science Quarterly.

Ou, A. Y., Varriale, L., & Tsui, A. 2012. International collaboration for academic publication: Implications from the resource-based view and transaction cost theory. Group & Organization Management, 37: 407-451.

Hartnell, C. A., Ou, A. Y., & Kinicki, A. 2011. Organizational culture and organizational effectiveness: A meta-analytic investigation of the competing values framework's theoretical suppositions. Journal of Applied Psychology, 96: 677-694.

Tsui, A., Nifadkar, S. & Ou, A.Y. 2007. Cross-National, Cross-Cultural Organizational Behavior Research: Advances, Gaps, and Recommendations. Journal of Management, 33: 426-478.

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