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Dong Liu, Georgia Institute of Technology



现任美国佐治亚理工大学Scheller商学院副教授。他20116月毕业于美国华盛顿大学(西雅图)福斯特商学院,获得工商管理博士学位,他的主要研究领域包括创造力、员工离职、创业、跨文化管理等。他的研究成果已有多篇被发表或接收于,Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied PsychologyPersonnel Psychology A级管理学期刊。他已获得多个研究或教学重要奖项。例如2013年美国管理学会 (Academy of Management)人力资源分会学术成就奖、2012年美国管理学会 (Academy of Management组织行为分会优秀国际论文奖、2011美国华盛顿大学福斯特商学院冬季学期优秀教学奖、2011-212年度加拿大毅伟(Ivey20大畅销案例奖等。在潜心进行管理学研究之前,他曾从事影视文学创作,其作品被改编为影视作品或刊发、转载于青年文摘等文艺刊物。

近期发表的主要学术论文 *并列作者)

1. Liu, D., Mitchell, T. R., Lee, T. W., Holtom, B. C., & Hinkin, T. R. 2012. When employees are out of step with coworkers: How job satisfaction trajectory and dispersion influence individual- and unit-level voluntary turnover.Academy of Management Journal, 55: 1360-1380.

2. Liu, D., Liao, H., & Loi, R. 2012. The dark side of leadership: A three-level investigation of the cascading effect of abusive supervision on employee creativity. Academy of Management Journal, 55: 1187-1212.

3. Jiang, K. F., Liu, D., McKay, P. F., Lee, T. W., & Mitchell, T. R. 2012. When and how is job embeddedness predictive of turnover? A meta-analytic investigation. Journal of Applied Psychology, 97: 1077-1096.

4. Chen, X. P., Liu, D., & Portnoy, R. 2012. A multilevel investigation of motivational cultural intelligence, organizational diversity climate, and cultural sales: Evidence from U.S. real estate firms. Journal of Applied Psychology, 97: 93-106.

5. Liu, D., & Fu, P. P. 2011. Motivating protégés’ learning in teams: A multilevel investigation of autonomy orientation and autonomy support.Journal of Applied Psychology, 96: 1195-1208.

6. *Liu, D., *Zhang, S., Wang, L., & Lee, T. 2011. The effects of autonomy and empowerment on employee turnover: Test of a multilevel model in teams. Journal of Applied Psychology, 96: 1305-1316.

7. Liu, D., Chen, X. P., & Yao, X. 2011. From autonomy to creativity: A multilevel investigation of the mediating role of harmonious passion.Journal of Applied Psychology, 96: 294-309.

8. *Liao, H., *Liu, D., & *Loi, R. 2010. Looking at both sides of the social exchange coin: A social cognitive perspective on the joint effects of relationship quality and differentiation on creativity. Academy of Management Journal, 53: 1090-1109.


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