Reviewer Training

Welcome to the IACMR online reviewer training course! It aims to help young scholars to develop their skills of reviewing papers. It is open to IACMR paid members only. Young faculty members and doctoral students may apply to take the online course. Here are the steps of course.

Person in charge of course will be given if awarded the "IACMR Certification Review" certificate(View the certificate list)。

The small amount of the course tuition of USD100 or RMB700 is only a symbolic reward to each trained reviewer for their time and experience devoted in the program.

(1) If you are an fee-paying IACMR member, please click here to start the reviewer training course.

(2) If you are interested but not yet a fee-paying member, please click here topay the membership fee.

(3) If you are not an IACMR member, please click here to register with IACMR and pay the